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Rapé, as ancestral medicine, is a tool to be able to be in the here and now. One of its great benefits is that it silences the mind ; and when you silence your thoughts you can also silence those internal dialogues that interfere when you try to contact your true essence. Because you already know… Many times it feels impossible to contact one’s own emotions or needs (because of those voices that come from our inner narrative or because of the constant demands of the external world).

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This quality of silencing thoughts has also been the discovery that rapé is a great companion for meditative practices . Whether traditional meditations, moving meditations, mindfulness or whatever current you choose (because it works for you and because it suits your needs), you can use rapé as a means to dive into the soul and swim deep within your own being.

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In my experience, rapé has taken me to very deep states and it is the medicine that I recommend to be able to silence the mind . It has allowed me to get to know myself better, explore states of introspection and leave behind the judgment that meditation is not for me. Since childhood, I was frustrated because it was not easy for me to visualize in guided meditations. And in my travels to India, I was able to achieve states of mental silence after much effort.

That is why when I discovered rapé, although it was not love at first sight, I understood that those years of insatiable search regarding meditation and its elevated states of consciousness had ended. I had found a tool that felt right to me and that I was comfortable with . Thanks to medicine, I could access my interior without noise, judgment or interference, realizing that silence was one of my resources and that I could get to know myself much more by inhabiting it.

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One of the reasons why you can walk away from meditation is because of those beliefs that you have adopted as your own (and that many times do not come from your own experience). Many times you will have heard the maxim that “you must put your mind blank”, or that you must remain motionless for hours. The truth is that although there are traditional currents of meditation, it is valid that you choose them as your spiritual path or that you definitely do not identify with what they propose.

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That is why I invite you to question those beliefs, and above all, to once again give your intuition a vote of confidence. That bodily and spiritual intelligence that tells you when you feel completely aligned and when you don’t, can guide you to find new ways to meditate or venture to create a new vision of meditation or meditation. full attention . Meditating is not just sitting down and blanking your mind. Meditating is having your full attention on whatever you do, and still reaching deep states of connection with life, with yourself, and with the present moment.

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If you dare to practice meditation accompanied by snuff as an ancestral medicine, I invite you to download my FREE E-BOOK MEDITATE WITH RAPÉ . In it you will find not only the origin of rapé as a sacred medicine through the tobacco plant, but you will also be able to read what my learning about meditation has been and how we can accompany it with ancestral medicines.

If you want to know more about rapé as an ancestral medicine, contact us on our social networks as @ancestrina , visit our YouTube Channel or write us in the comments to receive more information about the path of this sacred medicine. We know that RAPÉ CHANGES LIVES and we would love for you to be part of this community that expands consciousness through ancestral medicines.

In the same way, If any of our rapés was part of your path, share with us your experiences of healing and change in the comments. We believe in the stories of transformation that this loving ancestral medicine has spun and we are convinced that it can help many to return to their essence, return to the present moment and live a life full of well-being and purpose.

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