Samsara Rapé / Sixth and Seventh chakra / Gift of channeling, answers

Samsara is one of the rapés that will help you open and strengthen your spiritual connection. Through his healing vision, you will be able to connect with the Whole and expand your consciousness in calm and fullness. It is a rapé that we recommend above all to therapists, channelers and spiritual teachers so that they can connect with higher spirits and receive their message. When we balance the seventh chakra, we awake the channel of connection with the most subtle teachings of all the worlds. If you want to cultivate or strengthen the gift of channeling, Samsara will be your great friend in those meditations where you are ready to receive messages and connect with the highest part of your being.


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Our Samsara Rapéconnects you with your gift of channeling, enhances your intuition in the sixth chakra by opening the doors of heaven in the seventh, allowing you to establish communication with your higher beings.

The Anja chakra is associated with the third eye, with which you see more than with two eyes. The latter give you dimension in the normal world; the third eye gives you the vision, depth and dimension of the subtle worlds. Its function is to see the invisible and to know the unknown. It is the center of intuition and our direct connection to the infinite source of wisdom. It is different from the psychic power that uses energy from the third chakra and works from it, and therefore, it can be subjective in its appreciation.

The crown chakra is an open door to communication and channeling. It is the chakra of celestial communication and inner communication. Without this chakra, you cannot live. We need to feed ourselves from Heaven and Earth. It is a reception and emission gate. From this chakra emanates the pineal gland located in the center of the brain.

Sahasrara is the master communication center that feeds all the energy centers located in our physical envelope. Nourish all centers with the vibration of your higher planes of consciousness. So that the crown chakra opens and the soul has access to universal information.

If the ego is strongly edified, perhaps the soul is disconnected from this communication channel and, through social and family conditioning, the personality hinders communication with the heavenly planes.

Sixth chakra (Third eye) Anja

Unbalanced sixth chakra:

  • You do not listen to your intuition, you have it totally blocked.
  • It is very difficult for you to project yourself, to visualize yourself.
  • Spiritual topics not only don’t appeal to you, but you don’t like them.
  • You are confused, you do not see your ideas clearly, so they have no outlet on the material plane, this turns into frustration.
  • You do not have the ability to see beyond your problems and find the solution.
  • You are completely identified with your mind.

Balanced sixth chakra:

  • Your intuition and you are one, you listen to it perfectly, it speaks to you clearly and directly.
  • You can direct your mind, you control your thoughts.
  • You have developed your psycho perception, you can see or feel things and anticipate yourself.
  • You feel connected to everything.
  • Artistic creativity flows through you.
  • You have the ability to see clearly without identifying yourself, past, present and future (the three worlds).

Seventh chakra (Crown) Sahasara

Unbalanced seventh chakra:

  • You maintain a blind faith to established dogmas (social, religious, family patterns, etc.)
  • You are not interested in opening yourself up to the spiritual.
  • You have a narrow mind, either you blindly believe on a dogma or you just don’t believe in anything “if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it.”
  • You are afraid to channel the divine hosted in the crown chakra, so it is difficult to receive messages from the guides and from the source itself.
  • You feel helpless and alone.
  • You do not give room to your intuition.

Balanced seventh chakra:

  • You feel connected with the unit, with everything and everyone.
  • You are open to spirituality, you receive a little of everything without closing yourself to anything.
  • Your consciousness is completely relaxed, calm.
  • You feel full and calm.
  • You live spirituality in a personal and exclusive way. Without dogmas or imposing your truth, you are always willing to listen and know how to receive.
  • You pay attention to the voice of your intuition.

All of our rapés are sourced directly from indigenous peoples. We support the communities for what they prepare with love, intentionally with the wisdom and prayers of their elders.

Learn the different types of blow and find the one that best suits you, in our experience each rapé adapts to you and a different breath.

All products are sold as botanical samples only with no express or implied claims for a specific purpose or use. All information provided is for educational, scientific, ethnographic and historical research purposes only.

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