Samauma Rapé / Second and Fourth Chakra / Empathy and Compassion

Being in relationship with others invites us to be empathetic. When we are children, parents, spouses, friends, students or teachers, we face emotional bonds with other beings, and to maintain those bonds healthy we must strengthen empathy and compassion. When we open the room chakra , which is the heart, we experience what it is to love unconditionally. Forgiving and putting ourselves in the place of loved ones is a daily exercise where not only our truth is important, but the truth we share. If you feel you are taking care of the problems of others, that you give without receiving, receive without giving or lack empathy, Samauma will serve as a harmonizer to open your heart and shine through its goodness.


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OurSamauma Rapé what we call him the rapé of empathy and compassion, working directly in the energy centers of your second and fourth chakra.

If you answer positively to one of the following questions, the Samauma Rapé is for you

  • Do you isolate yourself from others and do not take the initiative to be close to them out of fear of rejection?
  • Do you have difficulty starting and maintaining friendships?
  • Is it easier for you to relate to objects or animals instead of people?
  • Are you easily influenced by others, or do you try to control them?
  • Do you tend to act more from competitiveness than from cooperation or collaboration?
  • Do you have a tendency to destructive criticism instead of appreciation of yourself and others?

We call this medicine the rapé of empathy and compassion not only because it allows you to relate to others from a different place, with an open heart and willing to listen, but it also helps you to relate to yourself, to let go of judgments and criticisms that you have for yourself, to love you, love you, receive you and respect you as the great and wonderful being that you are, not only because of you but because you are part of something much bigger, much more important.

Second chakra (Sacral) Svadhisthana

Unbalanced second chakra:

  • You feel apathetic, depressed, unmotivated.
  • Your sexuality is messy, maybe your libido went to the floor and you don’t feel any desire or maybe you have an excessive search for pleasure. 
  • You feel prone to addictions, you feel anxious and eat, smoke, drink alcohol in excess, you feel that you are more at risk of becoming an addict.
  • You feel aggressive, irritable, or anxious.
  • Destructive passions invade you such as jealousy, envy, control, manipulation.

Balanced second chakra:

  • You feel enthusiasm and motivation for life.
  • Creativity flows through you, your ability to conceive ideas and projects.
  • You accept, love and respect yourself, just as you are.
  • You connect with your body, listen to it and take care of it.
  • Not only do you imagine and create, but you execute and materialize.
  • You feel balanced in your sexuality, free of taboos.
  • Your ability to give and receive love is in balance, free from insecurities.
  • You are amazed, admired and grateful for the good things in life.

Fourth chakra (heart) Anahata

Unbalanced fourth chakra:

  • You own the problems of others and you worry excessively about them.
  • You put your needs aside to attend to others.
  • You like to give, but you are unable to receive.
  • You like to receive, but you are unable to give.
  • You can’t empathize with anything or anyone.
  • You want to control your partner.
  • You are afraid.
  • You feel alone, sad and melancholic.

Balanced fourth chakra:

  • Totally empathic.
  • You feel compassion for yourself and for everyone.
  • You do not cling to what hurts you and are always in a position to forgive.
  • You don’t get attached to anything or anyone, you love in freedom.
  • You love without pretense, without expecting anything in return.
  • You enjoy total emotional balance.
  • You have a service-oriented vocation.

All of our rapés are sourced directly from indigenous peoples. We support the communities for what they prepare with love, intentionally with the wisdom and prayers of their elders.

Learn the different types of blow and find the one that best suits you, in our experience each rapé adapts to you and a different breath.

All products are sold as botanical samples only with no express or implied claims for a specific purpose or use. All information provided is for educational, scientific, ethnographic and historical research purposes only.

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