Pxuri Rapé / Raises Vibrational Frequency

When meditations, affirmations and decrees have not worked for you to stop attracting negative circumstances, you may have to work on your vibrational field. We are energy and everything that surrounds us as well. When you think and experience emotions, and perform your daily actions, you create an energy field that will repel or attract what you want. If you are experiencing low or decayed vibration (due to personal or environmental circumstances), our Pixuri Rapé will help you clean and purify the energy that is concentrated in you and that you are emanating into the Universe.



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Si te gusta comparte y ayudanos a crecer

There are external things that can affect your own energy frequency, but the important thing is that you know how to connect with it and make it vibrate high.

What is important is that you reinforce the energy that goes from your interior to the exterior; that what you radiate is positive, that your frequency is high and you can share it. If this is what you are looking for, our Pixuri Rapé is for you.

This rapé cleanses your energy allowing the vibrations to rise from within you, and protecting you from external vibrations that may affect you.

Within each one of us the energy vibrates at a frequency.

Low vibrational frequencies are related to negative thoughts and feelings, such as fear, anger, envy, criticism, guilt …

High vibrational frequencies are related to more positive emotions, feelings and thoughts, love, joy, freedom, compassion …

So to know what frequency you are on, you can simply ask yourself: “How do I feel?”

If you feel good, you are vibrating at a high frequency, and if you feel bad, you are at a low frequency.

This would be phase one to find out what frequency you are vibrating at.

But, since you do not live isolated from the world and many of the things that surround you affect yours with their energy, it is important to distinguish them.

Things that affect your energy:

OTHERS: The energy of other people affects ours; in fact, sometimes you directly appropriate the energy of other person.

PLACES: There are places that connect us with high frequencies, but there are others that leave us on the ground, in a bad temper, or sad.

SITUATIONS: Every day you live situations that expose you to different energy frequencies.

FOOD: Food is energy, and some will give you more positive energy and some will give you less positive energy. And this has nothing to do with calories, rather with how natural or processed food is.

ACTIVITIES: You don’t feel the same doing something out of pure commitment as something that you really feel like doing, right?

All of our rapés are sourced directly from indigenous peoples. We support the communities for what they prepare with love, intentionally with the wisdom and prayers of their elders.

Learn the different types of blow and find the one that best suits you, in our experience each rapé adapts to you and a different breath.

All products are sold as botanical samples only with no express or implied claims for a specific purpose or use. All information provided is for educational, scientific, ethnographic and historical research purposes only.

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