Pimienta Longa


Pimienta Longa Rapé/ Third Chakra / Digestion, gastritis, deep cleaning

Just as we digest food, we digest everything that happens in our life. What “happens outside” are stimuli that the body / psyche have to process, but … What happens when I find it difficult to digest what I am going through or feeling? When you cannot process what is happening in your life, your third chakra it can manifest imbalances such as gastritis, reflux and stomach problems in general. At the same time, you may feel overwhelmed by fear, lack of self-confidence, irritability for no apparent reason, and selfish attitudes. When we face stressful situations, the body bypasses the digestive system to be able to face or flee the situation that presents itself more effectively. Our Pimienta Longa Rapé will help you manage these “alarming contexts”, redirecting your energy towards the digestive system so that it can regain its natural balance. ⠀


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Our brain is connected to our digestive system. They communicate with each other, and the well-being of one depends on the well-being of the other. If the digestive system receives a negative nervous stimulus, we may not have a good digestion. And in the same way, if we have not digested food correctly, we will also affect our mood.

Who has never felt their stomach clench when upset? Our body keeps very basic survival instincts. Thus, faced with a delicate situation, it is clear that the digestive system is not a priority.

We are not very different from animals in this sense, in any emergency, the body prepares to flee, while leaving other functions such as digestion in second place.

For this reason we also realize that if a stressful situation (which is actually similar to an emergency situation) goes for too long, we may suffer digestive problems because the body will be prioritizing other vital functions.

Third chakra (Plexus) Manipura

Unbalanced third chakra:

  • You feel you don’t have energy.
  • You act selfishly.
  • You are rebellious and competitive.
  • You are irritable all the time.
  • You must control everything.
  • You have no initiative.
  • Your self-esteem is very low.
  • The fear of not being loved or not finding a partner keeps you feeling insecure.
  • You have digestive problems.

Balanced third chakra:

  • You feel confident about yourself, you value and respect yourself for who you are.
  • Your self-esteem is high, loving and accepting you.
  • You feel empowered to set appropriate limits in your relationships.
  • You are motivated, you feel that you can achieve your goals.
  • You have the willpower to set challenge for your and overcome them.
  • You connect and understand your own personal power.
  • You are not afraid to make decisions, no matter how difficult they may seem.
  • Your body has good digestion and a balanced metabolism.

All of our rapés are sourced directly from indigenous peoples. We support the communities for what they prepare with love, intentionally with the wisdom and prayers of their elders.

Learn the different types of blow and find the one that best suits you, in our experience each rapé adapts to you and a different breath.

All products are sold as botanical samples only with no express or implied claims for a specific purpose or use. All information provided is for educational, scientific, ethnographic and historical research purposes only.

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