Mindfulness as a lifestyle

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Mindfulness as a lifestyle

Living in the past/future and following the voice of our judgments can be very common in human beings. This is how we miss the experience of now, where there is always a chance to be amazed and to be different from how we have always identified ourselves.

It is there when Mindfulness greets us with enthusiasm. This technique, which consists of cultivating mindfulness in the now , can help us live more assertively and be open to what life has to give us in each moment of our lives.

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What is the term Mindfulness about?

Mindfulness is a term that has been translated as Full Attention, Full Awareness, Mental Presence and Full Presence/Open Awareness. More commonly, however, it is generalized as the practice of Mindfulness .

This technique was included in the practices of Modern Psychology and spiritual practices 30 years ago, and has been recognized as an effective way to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and reduce physical/psychological symptoms associated with stress, improving overall well-being .

And yes… Attention is cultivated and practiced. In a society where external stimuli abound and the parameters that dictate our judgments and identifications (which come from the past and future), this practice reminds us that we can live the present with fullness and awareness .

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Live in the present?

Many times we believe that we are present in every circumstance of our daily lives, but the truth is that we are influenced by our thoughts. And in turn, our thoughts are being influenced by the past or the future , missing out on the potential of each of our experiences.

Or has it not happened to you that while you are walking home, you do not even realize when you arrived? You may remember your last location, but because you are distracted with your thoughts, you have missed everything that happened in your way that morning.

You may also remember that the most common thing is that you separate your experiences into good or bad. You want good experiences to be repeated. While the bad ones, you want them to go away as soon as possible.

The inability to observe our Here and Now with equanimity, without judgment or preference, can be challenging for many people. However, Mindfulness invites us to accept everything that happens, and above all, to expand ourselves with the present from contemplation.

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