Life is plot not drama, getting back to the pulse

SHAMANIC RETREAT from June 20 to 25, 2022 | Sonoran Desert, Mexico

Sonora, "the Land of the Toad" and shamanism

In the search for shamans or healers, this territory speaks for itself. The The Sonoran Desert in Mexico is an ancient land where not only ancestral shamanic knowledge resides, but also the ancestral medicine of the Bufo Alvarius . Known as the Land of the Sapito , it has been the destination of pilgrims who seek a way of life in shamanism.. We are sure! This territory will elevate you with its mysticism, it will sustain you with its vital force, and in addition, you will be able to enjoy the meeting of the sand and the sea; of the spiritual search and surrender to the universal connection in tribe.

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"Shamanism is turning life into a ceremony, nature into an altar and love into a religion" Chamalu.

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In it Shamanic Retreat LIFE IS PLOT, NOT DRAMA Returning to the Pulse you will not only have the opportunity to rest for a few days. This will be an encounter with yourself where you will create the space to shake your consciousness, question your vision and have the freedom to choose what image you want to build for your life from that moment on.

You will be guided and accompanied to take shamanic tools such as the word, the drum, the animals of power, the subtle world and the ancestral medicines, as well as other elements of this stream of consciousness where you will be able to connect with yourself, with nature and with the Great Spirit. Only in this way will you transform your life (from the vision you have of it) and you will be able to take the opportunity to rebuild your plot from the freedom of being.

What does this retreat include?

  • Hospedaje todo incluído
  • Prácticas meditativas
  • Círculos de Palabra
  • Viajes de Tambor chamánico
  • Ceremonias y experiencias con medicinas ancestrales

What will you learn in the retreat?

  • Chamanismo urbano
  • Los cuatro elementos
  • Animal de Poder
  • El viaje del tambor
  • Llamamiento del alma
  • Espíritus Guías y Guardianes
  • Conectar con el mundo sutil
  • El mundo de arriba-abajo-medio
  • Medicinas Ancestrales

What is the investment?


VALUE PER PERSON *PROMPT PAYMENT* (valid until June 5): 700USD


VALUE P/COUPLE *PROMPT PAYMENT* (valid until June 5): 1300USD

Separate your quota soon, don’t stay out of this wonderful opportunity.

We receive all cards, write us and ask about the accepted means of payment.

But... What is shamanism?

Shamanism is known as one of the oldest disciplines in the world. It has been described as “a servant of all spiritual traditions, capable of drawing from the deep primordial life of the Universe, and precedes all our religions, being a wisdom inherited by all.” This transcendent system will put you in touch with all levels of creation and requires a respect for truth, nature and ancient knowledge. It is not considered a religion, but rather a spiritual practice that touches your ancestral memory and connects you with everything that exists.

To delve into urban and practical shamanism, there will be three of us who will facilitate and guide each of your practices and immersions in this shamanic retreat.

Nice Solari

Niza has been a shamanic practitioner, popular educator, anarcho-feminist and companion of personal and collective processes for more than 13 years.

Victor Silva

Victor is a facilitator, educator and ambassador of ancestral medicines and contemplative practices that include shamanism as a path of life and coherence. In his search for self-knowledge, he studied teachers and psychologists such as Mooji, Osho, Claudio Naranjo, Albert Rams, Carl Jungs, among others. She was also trained in Integrative Gestalt, Family Constellations and Tantra. His passion and conviction for shamanic practices and communities inspired him to create Ancestrina as a channel for service through ancestral medicines and urban shamanism.

Laura Child

Laura is a psychologist, psychotherapist from the humanist and transpersonal current, and facilitator of ancestral and contemplative practices. In his clinical and institutional work, he develops meeting and growth spaces through methodologies and techniques of experiential learning, self-knowledge, breathing, systemic work, body movement, artistic and playful expression, and contemplative traditions. She is currently part of Ancestrina and the therapeutic group La Casa de Madera.

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