Discover the pillars of Mindfulness, the practice of full attention

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Discover the pillars of Mindfulness, the practice of full attention

Mindfulness has become a philosophy of life that involves the practice of meditation. Along with other relaxation techniques, its popularity has spread. Although we often say that we do meditation, sometimes we have a misconception. For that reason, before talking about Mindfulness, we must explain what meditation is about.

( The five benefits of practicing mindfulness )

It is an intellectual activity in which it is intended to achieve a state of centralized attention on a thought or feeling, an object or some element of perception such as heartbeat, breathing and body heat. This state places us in the present moment and tries to free the mind of harmful thoughts.

Since Mindfulness has so much to do with the way we manage our attentional focus, it is also called mindfulness . It is our free and conscious decision to stay in the present. To really enjoy life, without pigeonholing ourselves into unhealthy thoughts and sensations that rob us of happiness.

The origins of Mindfulness are found in Buddhist meditation that seeks to develop conscious attention, in other words, in exercising our mind to stay in the present moment without changing anything, with an attitude of openness and acceptance of reality as it is. .

Otherwise, we would function as autopilot, that is to say that we are not aware of what we are doing while it is being activated, that is, we detach ourselves from the present by carrying out routine activities while we wander through another place and another time that is neither here nor now.

That is why today we want to share with you the three pillars of Mindfulness, so that you obtain well-being, balance and health in your day-to-day life.

( Mindfulness as a lifestyle )

Pay attention with intention

Being able to feel emotional empathy towards those who suffer with a need to relieve or warn that suffering. Self-compassion is a key point in emotional maturity and the stability of emotions and allows us, at the same time, to create more balanced relationships with others.

Pay attention to the present moment

This involves getting off the autopilot of our mind’s thoughts and entering another state where I voluntarily use my attention focused on the present, the current moment.

Pay attention without judging

It is about accepting the current state of things without judgments or accusations. It invites us to see reality with empathy and understanding, trying only to observe and accept what is presented. This, contrary to what one might think, has nothing to do with resignation. It is simply not fighting the current moment, not showing resistance and avoiding changing reality according to our mind.

Let us remember that mindfulness helps us to recover our intrinsic balance , taking care of every aspect of our life in a comprehensive way. That is, body, mind and spirit . If we regularly practice mindfulness , we will develop a greater capacity for discernment and compassion. We are facing a practice that opens the door to new paths , gives us the here and now , and motivates us to live a life fully and in the present.

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