Anxiety in times of pandemic What is it and how to manage it?

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Anxiety in times of pandemic
What is it and how to manage it?

Social distancing, biosecurity measures and restrictions implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic have changed our lifestyle, often causing situations of fear and stress. Confinement has given birth to the deepest fears drowned out for a while in our dizzying daily routine. Symptoms such as tachycardia, shortness of breath, vertigo, obsessive thoughts, irritability and fear of losing your mind, are some of the fragmented responses that anxiety produces in times of quarantine.

Anxiety is known as a negative emotion that sends warning messages to the body, where fear of something diffuse and undefined prevails. Unlike fear that is caused by something, anxiety is caused by nothing. Fears appear from everywhere, and in turn, from nowhere. Many times we ignore the root of the problems that cause our anxiety. Fortunately, and thanks to the application of some techniques and strategies, we can identify and modify them based on a greater knowledge of the subject. Thus, Ancestrina offers you the following recommendations to manage your emotions and enjoy a life to the fullest.

( Three effective techniques to manage your anxiety )

  1. We must identify what concerns us and express it both verbally and in writing. It does not do us any good to be silent, on the contrary, commenting on the situation with our partner, family or friends will be of great benefit.
  2. Let’s be kind to ourselves, what happens to us will happen soon. Being patient and having a positive attitude will create an atmosphere of more pleasant and bearable experiences.
  3. There are no magic formulas, we are human beings and each person has a specific personality. Therefore, let’s analyze the causes of our emotions. Based on the current context, it would be convenient to differentiate which emotions come from confinement or which are consequences of other factors prior to the pandemic.
  4. We train body and mind through physical activities that we can do at home, such as yoga, dance or Pilates.
  5. Let’s start a meditation technique like Mindfulness, which will help us improve our emotional well-being.
  6. Let’s maintain a balanced diet and sleep between 6 to 8 hours a day.
  7. Last but not least, let’s not avoid the feelings caused by anxiety. When we try to get rid of an intrusive image or thought, it tends to appear in our mind more often, becoming stronger and more powerful, like a threatening monster trying to paralyze us. Therefore, we should not try to eliminate them. On the contrary, when we accept it as normal, we are sending a message to our brain that there is no danger and everything is fine.

We are not alone, anxiety is more common than we think. The great victories are those that unfold in our psyche; it is won when we accept that we are not perfect, and that there is no greater power than the love and care that we can feel towards ourselves and towards others.

If you want to know how rapé can help you manage anxiety, we invite you to watch the following video and/or write to us on our social networks to guide you and advise you in your process with medicine.

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